Syntax Highlighting with JEdit

From Patrick Brannan

Are you familiar with JEdit? It is a very nice, and popular editor written in Java. It has code folding and all sorts of plugins. It is quite easy to write new edit modes, though there are some limitations. The limitations are syntactical constructs that JEdit can't easily highlight.

To install the edit mode you must first install JEdit. After that you should find a jedit/modes directory under your home directory. In that directory, drop the attached files (to unzip).

NOTE: If you already use JEdit and have some custom modes, you will not want to overwrite your catalog file. Instead, copy the entries from this catalog file into the existing catalog file.

It is also possible to drop the mode files in the global JEdit/modes directory and add the new mode declarations to the global JEdit catalog file.

The modes assume three different types of CodeWorker files:

".cwt" Highlights template-based scripts, nested in <% %> or @ @
".cwp" Highlights extended-BNF parse scripts
".cws" common script files, none of the precedent

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