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Generative programming
Summer School, june 2002 The summer school aims to give a comprehensive overview of GP as a modern software development methodology. The lectures are given by internationally recognized experts of the area.
Generative Programming Wiki Definitions, stories and a lot of other topics about Generative Programming.
GPCE'03 Second International Conference on Generative Programming and Component Engineering (GPCE'03) .
Software Factories A software factory is a product line that configures extensible development tools with packaged content and guidance, carefully designed for building specific kinds of applications.

Domain-Specific Modeling
DSM Forum The DSM Forum exists to spread the knowledge and know-how of Domain-Specific Modeling. DSM raises the level of abstraction beyond programming by specifying the solution directly using domain concepts.
MetaEdit+ A DSM tool to generate full production-quality code from high level design models.
GME: the Generic Modeling Environment The Generic Modeling Environment is a configurable toolkit for creating domain-specific modeling and program synthesis environments.
Domain-Specific Languages Domain-Specific Languages - an Overview.

Aspect-Oriented Programming / Subject-Oriented Programming
Getting started with AspectJ An AspectJ tutorial.
An Overview of AspectJ Another AspectJ tutorial.
Aspects, Concerns and Java AspectJ may take some getting used to, but aspect-oriented programming can be a nice complement to object-oriented programming.
Aspect C++: language proposal This paper intends to extend the AspectJ approach to C/C++, to facilitate aspect-oriented programming with C/C++. It provides practitioners and researchers a comprehensive source of information about Aspect-Oriented Software Development.
Subject-oriented programming Subject-oriented programming is a program-composition technology that supports building object-oriented systems as compositions of subjects.

Code generation
Program generators with XML and Java The website of a book written by Craig J. Cleaveland, which presents a way to generate source code.
Code Generation Network Articles, resources, and forums about the code generation, maintained by Jack D. Herrington, the author of Code Generation in Action.
Software Generators This site focuses on the topic in general and the Anticipatory Optimization Generator (AOG) in particular. AOG is a system for translation Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) into efficient code.
Code Generation is a Design Smell Free discussion and (sometimes insolent) opinions about advantages and drawbacks of code generation.
When less is more A return on experience where code generation gave satisfaction (XML + GSLgen).

A use of CodeWorker is proposed about chess and PGN (format for describing chess games).

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